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Support the Ursuline Sisters of Brown County

The Ursuline Sisters of Brown County established Ursuline Academy in 1896. It was through their hard work, dedication, prayer, and guidance from St. Angela Merici that Ursuline grew and prospered into the school we know and love today. Generations of Ursuline alumnae have cherished memories of learning from Ursuline Sisters. Their love and sacrifice has helped to educate thousands of young women in the Ursuline tradition of excellence and has touched countless lives.

Now it is our turn to help them.

Despite the Ursulines’ frugality and stewardship, a committee of financial advisers has identified that their resources currently fall $2 million short of the amount needed to provide for the remaining Sisters. Only a few nuns are currently receiving salaries, so earnings won’t make up the shortfall and there’s nothing left to sell. So that the Sisters may enjoy dignity in retirement and receive the care they’ve earned a thousand times over, this Season for the Sisters Campaign has been quietly initiated. A one-time only effort, it will help fund the care requirements of the elderly Sisters. It will also ensure the necessary resources are available when more and more Sisters need that care.

The Ursulines of Brown County have made peace with the fact that their religious order will cease to exist. They refer to that reality as “coming to completion.” It means that they have fulfilled their mission and God’s plan. But their courageous spirit and the charism of their founders lives on at Ursuline Academy, Chatfield College, and in the minds and hearts and actions of the thousands they inspired. If you were ever touched by this God-centered group of bright, courageous, intelligent, creative, mystical, strong and vibrant women, now is the time to say “Thank You.”

If you would like to say thank you with your financial contribution, you may donate online by clicking the button above, or call Sr. Christine Pratt at 513-484-7519, or e-mail her at to learn all the ways a gift may be made. Thank you for thinking of us in your charitable giving.