Parents' Association

The Parents' Association is the combined members of the Mothers' and Dads' Clubs. We endeavor to provide events and avenues for UA parents to connect with the school, other parents, and with their daughters in fellowship, service, and programming.

All Ursuline parents are automatically members of the Mothers' and Dads' Clubs. Membership provides parents with volunteer opportunities at school, participating in carrying out our events and programs, and attending events for socializing and connecting with other parents. Funds we raise are used for tuition assistance and special school needs.

All programs and events are managed by the members of the two executive boards and implemented by our member volunteers.

Some of our events and programs include:

  • Bridging Program, summer
  • Freshman Ice Cream Social, 7/13/2022
  • S.M.I.L.E., all year
  • Parent Night, 9/7/2022
  • Mother Daughter Fall Event, 10/23/2022
  • St. Nick Gifts, 12/6/2022
  • Father Daughter Fall Event, 12/9/2022
  • Faculty Luncheons, 11/4/2022, 1/20/2023, 5/5/2023
  • Moms’ Bunco Night, 2/8/2023
  • Father Daughter Winter Tubing, 2/10/2023
  • Chip Wheelie Day, 2/14/2023
  • Mother Daughter Fowling, 3/5/2023
  • Mother Daughter Fashion Show, 3/26/2023
  • The Father Daughter Dance, 4/1/2023
  • Senior Mother Daughter Luncheon, 5/19/2023

Eleanor Garrow-Holding
President, Mothers' Club Board
Jeff Graham
President, Dads' Club Board