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Welcoming STEM Week - 19 Feb 2019

STEM Week Recap and Current STEM Opportunity
By Rachelle Soh and Audrey Wilson

13 March 2019

We hope you all enjoyed STEM week! We both enjoyed planning this week and we hope it opened your eyes to the endless opportunities that STEM careers can offer you.

If you are interested in looking for more resources to jump-start your interest in STEM, here are a few websites we recommend:

Girls Who Code:

Made With Code:

Built by Girls:

Discover Engineering:

STEM Opportunity!

Thanks to Mrs. Rose, she has notified us of a current STEM opportunity:

The Perry Outreach Program on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, OH. The Perry Outreach Program is a free, one-day, hands-on experience for high school women who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine and engineering. Students will hear from women leaders in these fields and try it for themselves by performing mock orthopaedic surgeries and biomechanics experiments.

Participants should be women in grades 10 and up with an expressed interest in science, medicine and/or engineering. If you wish to attend, fill out the online application in advance of the April 4, 2019 application deadline.

A flyer from the event is attached here!

A link to the application can be found here:

Until next time STEM Sisters,

Rachelle and Audrey

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STEM Sisters! -- Welcoming STEM Week

By Rachelle Soh and Audrey Wilson

19 February 2019

Hello STEM Sisters! Welcome to the first STEM Sisters blog post! The goal of this blog is to discuss the many opportunities available for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Both of us strongly believe that STEM careers are the future of the work force. There are great advantages for women to pursue STEM careers.

You may be wondering, “What is STEM Sisters?” Formally TechXplorations Club, STEM Sisters is an initiative that gives a broader focus on all four pillars of STEM. To go along with this, we will post articles and information about STEM. We want this blog to be a resource for you about all things STEM!

This week, we hope you take the time to discover the vast amount of opportunities available for women in STEM through the activities we have planned for STEM Week.

Stay tuned for our get-to-know-us post!

Until next time STEM Sisters,

Rachelle and Audrey