Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion programming empowers community members to live Our Community Statement.

Ursuline Academy fosters community and an atmosphere of mutual respect by enhancing understanding and cooperation among all Ursuline students regarding different cultures, ethnicities, learning styles, opinions, religious traditions, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds. It is our belief that diversity brings richness and meaning to life, and that exposure to a broad range of talents, perspectives and experiences better prepares the young women of Ursuline Academy for full participation in our school, local and global community.

Student Clubs

Ursuline Academy offers a number of student-initiated clubs that support our school philosophy by fostering respect and understanding within our community.

Dr. Elizabeth Siwo

Director of Inclusion and Community

  • B.A., Denison University
  • African Studies Graduate Certificate, Boston University
  • MDiv, Boston University
  • M.Th, Harvard University
  • Ph.D, Boston University

513-791-5791 ext. 2226