Days of Service

Each year, student leaders plan days of service that provide a unique opportunity to volunteer at a variety of sites throughout Cincinnati. These days of service encourage students to dive deeper into volunteering and share their experience through reflection. Service agencies vary based on availability, but in the past have included places like Matthew 25 Ministries, Mercy Neighborhood Ministires, Starfire Council, Pregnancy Center East, Dress for Success, Twin Lakes, Freestore Food Bank, Kennedy Heights Art Center and more.

Make a Difference Day of Service

Annually, Ursuline Academy participates in Make a Difference Day of Service. To encourage our families' involvement in Community Service, we partner with Ursuline Academy’s Dads Club and encourage students and their dads to spend a Saturday volunteering together. Students can volunteer on their own or with their dad and are invited to meet at Ursuline for prep and introductions. Volunteers are then assigned a service site, where they volunteer for 2-3 hours. Upon completion of volunteering, lunch and reflection takes place at Ursuline.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

For our most popular day of service, more than 100 students join together to make a huge impact in our city in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This Day of Service begins with education about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., continues with a few hours of service at a variety of service sites, and ends with lunch and reflection at Ursuline Academy.

Lenten Day of Service

Each year during Lent, Ursuline offers a day of service for moms and daughters to volunteer together. Similar to our Make a Difference Day of Service with Dad’s Club, we offer this opportunities for our mothers and daughters to grow together in service. A variety of service sites are offered, and students who sign up have the opportunity to rank their preferred service locations. Mothers and Daughters always enjoy this special day of service together, including the time spent reflecting on the impact made that day.