Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry within the Ursuline community is a collaborative effort to create an environment that is permeated with Gospel values. This spirit is fostered through every activity of the school community; be it academic, athletic, social, or spiritual. All members of Ursuline Academy are invited and encouraged to discover and live an active relationship with God. We support each other in this mission by our prayers and actions so that we are enriched individually and as a learning community.

Morning Prayer

Students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to lead morning prayer over the PA. Prayers of all faith traditions bless the day and bring greater awareness of God’s presence to living that day.

Liturgical Celebrations

Throughout the course of the school year, we gather as a community to pray, to celebrate our faith, and to give thanks for God’s continued presence in our lives. Holy Days within our Roman Catholic tradition, and seasonal celebrations, often led by students, call us to gather– enriching our faith and challenging us to share our faith with others.

Reconciliation Services

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to all students and faculty during the Advent & Lenten Seasons.


The retreat program is designed to invite students, faculty and staff of all faith traditions to a more personal and active relationship with God. The retreat days provide experiences that encourage participants to recognize God’s presence: in their lives, within each other, and the greater world. These experiences offer the space and time to consider more fully where and how God is present.

Freshman Retreat

Freshman Retreat is led by trained Ursuline PALs (Peers as Leaders) and takes place during the second half of the school year, after Freshman Community Day. A professional storyteller shares various dimensions of faith. The retreat takes place on the grounds of Good Shepherd Parish and offers a chance to reconnect as a class and focus on personal development and forming community within their class.

Sophomore Retreat

Sophomore Retreat is also led by Ursuline PALs (Peers as Leaders). The retreat takes place during the school day, in Brown County, Ohio, at the site of the Ursulines’ Mother House. The theme for the day invites students to enter the journey of on-going faith development through storytelling and place. The students hear and experience the history of the Sisters who founded Ursuline Academy. Sophomores explore their own story in the context of the themes contained in the Ursulines’ faith journey.

Junior Retreats

The Junior Retreat, a graduation requirement, is a two day/one night retreat led by youth ministry interns and staff members at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford. The retreat is divided into three sessions focusing on Who am I? Who is God? Where am I going? Retreatants engage in small group discussions, large group trust and team building activities, prayer experiences and hear witness talks provided by the staff.

Kairos Retreats

Kairos, a Greek term meaning the appointed time or God’s time, is a three day/two night retreat program held at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford. While this retreat is optional for Seniors, a large percentage of the senior class makes the retreat. The Kairos retreat is led by both student and adult teams. Focus is on God, self and others. The retreat is placed in the context of individual talks, discussion and prayer experiences.

Ms. Ashley Volpenhein

Campus Minister

B.A., University of Dayton
Community Ministries
513-791-5791 ext. 1132