Athletic Hall of Fame

The Ursuline Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1996 in order to recognize the athletic achievements of UA graduates.

We are fortunate to have many student-athletes who have worn the Green and Gold. The Hall of Fame is just a small way of recognizing the top performers.

To be considered for the Hall of Fame, an alumna must have:

  • graduated at least 5 years ago;
  • achieved sports prominence while playing on a UA team,
  • and continued UA Tradition of Excellence in life.

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Tracy McCafferty '76, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis

Kelly Byrnes Wendling '03, Volleyball and Basketball

Jessica Davlin '05, Cross Country and Track & Field

Kori Moster '11, Volleyball

Laurie Massa '72, Speaker & 2012 Inductee

1996 Hall of Fame Inductees

Sue Mackey '76, Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis

Barb Kammerer Moon '82, Swimming

Linda Eimermacher '89, Soccer and Track & Field

Monica Nieman '91, Basketball, Soccer, and Softball

1999 Hall of Fame Inductees

Kathy Kalb Haas '86, Volleyball and Basketball

Amy Uehlin Meyer '90, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball

Carrie Groth '92, Cross Country and Track & Field

2001 Hall of Fame Inductees

Marianne Utz Sahms '78, Volleyball and Basketball

Kirsten Werner '84, Volleyball and Softball

Beth Jackson Glass '92, Swimming

Erin Foley Cloran '93, Softball

2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jenny Grathwohl Breissinger '88, Volleyball and Swimming

Erin Phenix '99, Swimming

1975 Volleyball State Championship Team

2010 Hall of Fame Inductees

Monica Maccani Fickell '97, Track & Field

Whitney Myers '03, Swimming

1991 Swimming & Diving State Championship Team

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Laurie Massa '72, Volleyball and Basketball

Helene Phalen Thiss '87, Soccer

Lindsey Biddle Eckstein '00, Track & Field

1999 Golf State Championship Team

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Tami Ransom Checkoway '01

Shelly Moeller '05

Jen Funch '06

1998 UA Championship Swimming & Diving Team

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jennifer Becker '92, Tennis

Libby Lame Reder '04, Field Hockey

Kelsey Lindenschmidt '07, Golf

Dani Reinert '10, Volleyball

1993 State Championship Volleyball Team