Generations Breakfast

There are so many ways that our community shares their time, talent, and treasure with Ursuline. One of the greatest gifts that we can receive, though, is when an alumna chooses to send her own daughter to Ursuline. Allowing Ursuline to continue to build into your family is truly an honor. Thank you to the many families who have sent multiple generations of young women through Ursuline.

Though it wasn't possible to host our annual Generations Brunch for current students and alumnae family members last year, we are happy to share a few alumnae families here along with what sharing the Laurel Legacy means to many of them.

Sisters Adele Alino Chehval '88 and Angeli Alino Breen '87 grab a selfie during a visit to Ursuline

Ursuline has left a legacy of valuing Sisterhood, the bond between women who love and accept each other and share the common goal of striving toward their highest potential.

UA created a bond between all of us as being an important part of our lives enriched by friendships that still last today!


Jenny Neyer Berg '79, Emily Berg Schmidt '08, and Amy Berg '13

Jennifer Sullivan Rudell '93, Carys Rudell '22, and Avery Rudell '24 celebrating Avery's Confirmation.


I feel blessed to share the Ursuline traditions with my two daughters.  It's not just the world class education but the community, sisterhood and shared experiences that will be memories they will carry for a lifetime.


Lilly Roberts '24 and her mom Stephanie Kern Roberts '94 at Lilly's freshman orientation.

Angela Laudeman Habel '89 enjoys sharing the Laurel Legacy with her daughters Lydia Habel '24 (L) and Abby Habel '17 (R).

Lucy Konrad '24 (L) is following in the footsteps of her cousins, Mary Ireton '15 and Taylor Ferello '20; her aunts Jenny Ireton Ferello '86, Colleen Bucher Ireton '87, and Kelly Ireton Bollinger '94; and her mom Amy Ireton Konrad '92 (R).

My parents sacrificed to send me to Ursuline and it changed me into the strong, faithful and successful woman I am today and I wanted to pass that on to all three of my girls more than anything!

Sophia Zazycki '21, Gretchen Wenstrup Zazycki '91, Liesl Zazycki '19, and Oma (Gretchen's mom). Sophia and Liesl's sister Kalina '24 is the newest Zazycki to join the Laurel Legacy!

Kelly Gleason Privett '97 and Elaine Privett '24 on summer vacation in Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Ursuline was a place that allowed me to develop into a strong, independent, caring woman. Being able to introduce my daughter to an environment that is unthreatening for a young girl has meant the world to me. I can't wait to see her flourish at UA!

Brown County meant so much to Nana (Anna).  She was so proud her daughter-in-law and granddaughter went to Ursuline.  We are sure she is in heaven delighted that Kayla will be the 4th generation at UA! All of us are so excited for Kayla to begin this new journey of making lifelong friends and acquiring a love of learning.

Then….Great-Grandma Anna Cutty McFerren Ursuline Brown County alumna Class of '55, Grandma Loraine Huesing Greiner '79, and Mom Katherine McFerren '98, celebrate Kayla Blanton '24's baptism many years ago!

Now…Three generations were together to celebrate Kayla's first day at UA!

Rita Arlinghaus Glaser '25 Ϯ, Gail Glaser Nordeman '54 Ϯ, Linda Nordeman '77, Donna Nordeman Boehm '79, Vivian Nordeman Shaw '82, Barbara Nordeman '86, Joyce Nordeman Rivers '88, Kasey Rivers '24

My mom, Gail Glaser Nordeman, passed away in September 2019 at 82. She was a faithful Catholic who loved her family fiercely. She was committed to sending all 5 of her daughters to Ursuline. Kasey is the only granddaughter to carry on the UA legacy. I loved my years at UA and know that they helped to form me into the person I am today. Sending Kasey to UA means a great deal to me and I send her as a tribute to my mom's love and devotion to the Ursuline tradition. I can't wait to see Kasey grow and succeed at Ursuline.

UA all the way!

I loved my experience at Ursuline. It prepared me for college and life! My daughter also loves UA and all of her friends that she has made. I can't believe she is a senior! I love all of the traditions.

Abby Seibel '21, Anna Seibel, and Amy Divo Seibel '92