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Since 1896, Ursuline Academy has prepared young women for college and beyond by nurturing their souls, intellects, hearts, and imaginations.

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Girls who love to learn.

Ursuline is known for its strong academic reputation. Our graduates are set up for success in college thanks to Ursuline's academic rigor, top-notch faculty, and modular schedule that encourages independence and time-management through choice-driven learning.

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Why All Girls?

The evidence is clear - attending an all-girls high school sets women up for success.

Did you know that girls’ school grads are 6 times more likely to considering majoring in math, science, and technology compared to girls who attend coed schools?

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College-like Modular Schedule

Ursuline's unique modular schedule instills valuable time-management skills as students make choices throughout their day as to how to use their free time. The six-day rotation cycle keeps things interesting with classes at different times each day. Often there will even be a different mixture of students in class from day to day, allowing students to get to know all of their classmates more quickly and keeping class discussions and group dynamics fresh. Because of the unique grid structure, many students are able to "double up" on a subject area that they love.

Supporting her along the way

Our counseling program is a point of pride at Ursuline. Not only do students engage one-on-one with our experienced counselors, but all students also take counseling classes once every six days. Each year's counseling class has a curriculum specifically designed for that developmental stage - from how to form healthy friendships to how to find the perfect college.

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There's more to an education than academics.

Ursuline's rich extra-curricular offerings and student life allows each student to find and develop her passion, whether that is on the stage, on the field, or through students clubs and community service.

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Tuition now... pays off later

Over the past four years, an average of 94% of students from each graduating class were offered college merit scholarships averaging more than $170,000 per student.

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