Ursuline's VIRTUAL Open House

Welcome! We're so glad you're here.

LIVE sessions with students, parents, faculty and staff from all departments at Ursuline were held this fall as part of our virtual open house.

If you weren't able to make it, all additional video and visual content on each department's page is still available for you to view!

STEP 1 - View our Open House Welcome Video, Modular Schedule Video, Virtual Tour Videos, and Hybrid Learning Day Videos - We invite you to take a few minutes to view some short videos for an introduction to Ursuline before diving deeper into our virtual Open House.

Welcome to Ursuline's Virtual Open House!

In the Modular Schedule Video (2 minutes), learn about how Ursuline's unique modular schedule reflects our student centered approach to learning:

In the Virtual Tour Video (4 minutes), you'll get an overview of our campus from some of our student tour guides. See which areas spark your interest and then learn more about them below!

Hear from Ursuline's Principal, Ms. Hallahan, and an UA Senior, Lydia Krier, about a new addition to Ursuline that's here to stay - Hybrid Learning Days:

Hybrid Learning Days

A Teacher's Perspective on Hybrid Learning Days:

Community Service is an important part of the Ursuline experience. Our students are not required to participate, but most students find it rewarding to give back by volunteering in a number of our programs.

Our MedAssist service project volunteers were recently featured on WCPO News for their work to support the patients and staff at Jewish Hospital! Whether it be a colorful card, felt blanket, or care package sent from students at UA, every small act of kindness makes a big difference in many patients’ days.

Take a look at this video to see how our students are making the world a better place!

UA in the News

STEP 2 - Build Your Own Tour - Follow your interests and spend some time in our departments, programs and services by selecting from the options below, where you can view and access content from all areas of the school and chat LIVE with our teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, staff and students.

LIVE Microsoft Teams meetings have expired for each department were held Saturday from 10:30 - 12:30 and Sunday from 12:30 - 2:30. You can still hear from teachers and explore each department just as you would at an in-person open house.

We hope you enjoy this experience, and we can't wait to welcome you into our building soon! Have questions, or want to schedule a personal tour? Contact admissions@ursulineacademy.org

Academic Departments

Click on the images below to access information about each department and to join the LIVE Microsoft Teams meetings for each department to talk with teachers and students.

Programs and Activities

Click on the images below to access information about each program and to join the LIVE Microsoft Teams meetings for each department to talk with faculty, staff, and students.

Have a question? Or just want another perspective?

See below to join a LIVE Microsoft Teams meeting to talk with our students, parents, or administration.

Guidelines for joining live meetings:

  • Please mute your microphone when entering and stay muted when not speaking (to avoid unnecessary static on the call).
  • When you enter a live meeting, please introduce yourself in the chat with your/your daughter’s name, grade, and current school.
  • If more than four people are in the meeting at one time, please raise your hand to ask a question (using the "raise your hand" function) or type it in the chat.
  • If you do not have the Microsoft Teams app and you are accessing through your web browser, you will be able to access the meeting but you will only see the person who is actively speaking in the meeting. This is perfectly fine, we just want you to be aware.

Check out our viewbook: