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The Guidance Department strives to support students within the context of Ursuline core values and philosophy: attention to the needs of the individual; emphasis on the development of the student as a whole person; openness to diversity; recognition of the gifts and dignity of every student; promotion of academic excellence; and empowerment of the student. The Guidance Department provides individual counseling, guidance classes, test preparation and interpretation, and college readiness tools. The department works with students on academic, behavioral, social, and emotional concerns. A key component of the program is ongoing collaboration with students, faculty, and parents.

Student Assistance Council (SAC). The SAC council meets regularly to address individual student issues that may be having a significant, adverse effect on educational performance. The council is comprised of an administrator, school counselors, school psychologist, and the academic language consultant.

Speech and Language. School speech and language services are provided by our academic language consultant to develop and improve language-based learning strategies for students needing such assistance. Individual and/or small group sessions can be scheduled.

Psychology. School psychological services are available to students and parents for consultation, counseling, and assessment regarding academic, behavioral, and emotional concerns.

Guidance Faculty

Ms. Megan Bobinger

School Counselor
B.S., Xavier University
M.A., Xavier University

Ms. Michelle Byrd

School Counselor
B.A., University of Cincinnati
M.A., Xavier University

Ms. Marina Deters

School Counselor, Mind, Body & Spirit Initiative Moderator
B.S., Ohio State University
M.A., Xavier University

Ms. Jenny Foertsch

Administrative Assistant, Guidance

Dr. Marilyn Grendel

School Counselor
B.S., Ohio University
M.Ed., Xavier University
Ed.D., University of Cincinnati

Ms. Katie Hausfeld

School Counselor, Department Coordinator, SAC Coordinator, Mind, Body, Spirit Initiative Co-Moderator
B.S., Northern Kentucky University
M.A., Xavier University

Ms. Sue Kellison

Administrative Assistant, Guidance

Ms. Emily Menendez-Aponte

School-Based Therapist

Dr. Meghan Purple

B.A., Le Moyne College
M.Ed., University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Mr. Gary Sabourin

School Counselor
B.A., Duns Scotus College
M. Div., Leonard College
M.A., University of Dayton

Ms. Liz Vorholt

School Counselor, Spectrum Moderator
B.S., Xavier University
M.A., Xavier University

Ms. Patt Zurlinden

Academic/Language Consultant
B.A., Cleveland State University
M.A., Cleveland State University