Each level of Spanish at Ursuline incorporates and develops speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. Ursuline Spanish classes often explore the many cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through special projects, guest speakers, and celebrating important holidays and events.

There is an 8th grade placement test for students who have taken Spanish in grade school and would like to begin at a higher level at Ursuline.

When I decided to study Spanish at Ursuline, it opened the door to a world of opportunities. The instruction I received at UA—from numbers and days of the week Freshman year to complex grammar Senior year—allowed me to complete a secondary degree in Spanish at Notre Dame and gave me the tools I needed for a successful study abroad experience in Toledo, Spain. After I received my undergraduate degree, I was given another opportunity to use my Spanish when I was placed in Tucson, Arizona for a two-year volunteer program. My ability to speak Spanish broke down so many barriers between myself, my students, and their parents and allowed me to be a more successful teacher. Next, my Spanish was truly put to the test when I moved to Chile to teach English. Living and working among Chileans once again reinforced how valuable fluency in another language can be and challenged me to improve my Spanish each and every day. Finally, this past year I taught in a dual-language school from which all students graduate bilingual and biliterate in Spanish and English. I have been blessed with some incredible life experiences, none of which would have been possible without the strong foundation that I received at Ursuline.Tiz Shadley '07

Caitlin Lynch '07, Paige Henderson '07, Katie Gorsuch '07, and Tiz Shadley '07 tackle a four day trek through Chilean patagonia during a visit to Tiz, while she was living in Chile.