World Languages

The World Languages curricula at Ursuline enable students to communicate effectively and accurately in a second language, unlocking the door to access and appreciate new cultures and peoples. In keeping with Ursuline's motto of "We learn not for school, but for life," studying one or more world languages at Ursuline prepares students for work and travel in the highly globalized society in which we live. Courses emphasize communicative competence in writing and speaking the target language as well as the understanding of the culture and literature of the countries in which it is spoken.

Ursuline offers the following world languages:

Ursuline Language Honor Societies

Students who complete the first semester of the third year of a language with an A (91.45) each semester and a B- (82.45) in other courses each semester are invited to join Ursuline’s Honor Society of their language if they enroll for a fourth year of this language. A single Induction Ceremony for students of all languages is held in April. Current Ursuline students who are past inductees are also invited and often play a role in conducting this Ceremony.

Seal of Biliteracy

Ursuline provides students with the opportunity to earn the Seal of Biliteracy, a graduation honor offered by the State of Ohio to students who earn a 4 or higher on an AP language exam within 15 months of graduation, in addition to passing the English and reading sections of either the ACT (18+ in English, 22+ in Reading), SAT (480+ Reading and Writing) or IOWA assessments. For more information, please consult the Ohio Department of Education’s website:

Dr. Aurelio Auseré

World Languages Faculty Member (Spanish)
B.A., Universidad de Salamanca
M.A., University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Ms. Christina Crickmer

World Languages Faculty Member (German), German Club Moderator, Yearbook/Newspaper Co-Moderator
B.A., University of Cincinnati
M.A., University of Cincinnati

Mr. Colin Higgins

World Languages Faculty Member (Spanish), Spanish Club Moderator
B.A., Ohio University

Ms. Stacey Hodgett

World Languages Faculty Member (French)
B.A., Willamette University
M.Ed., Xavier University

Ms. Kerrie Katsetos

Assistant Principal, World Languages Faculty Member (Spanish), Student Council Co-Moderator
B.S., University of Cincinnati
M. Ed, Xavier University

Mr. David Ligon

World Languages Faculty Member (Latin), Department Coordinator, Latin Club Moderator, Peer Tutoring Coordinator
B.A., Oberlin College
M.A., University of Cincinnati
Post-graduate work at University of Cincinnati, Miami University & Xavier University

Ms. Sarah Tardivon

World Languages Faculty Member (French), Enginuity (Robotics Club) Moderator
B.S., Miami University
B.A., Miami University
M.Ed., Xavier University