The Merici Model® of Education

In the spirit of our foundress, St. Angela Merici, and her vision of educating and empowering young women, Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati developed The Merici Model of education: a uniquely student-centered approach to learning. Through this model, we provide a culture where students are empowered to learn through their choices. This is enhanced by the Merici Schedule and the design of our campus.

The Merici Schedule

In 1970 Ursuline began exploring this unique approach to education with the implementation of The Merici Schedule. Over the years, Ursuline has fostered and invested in the schedule and its structure, making it a tool students use to develop life skills. Today, Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati is one of the only schools in the country to use this schedule, where each individual student and teacher has a personalized schedule, designed around their interests allowing students to embark on four years of self-discovery.

I still schedule my time and think about it in mods today, a high school tradition that lives on. Now I use Outlook rather than a meticulously decorated paper schedule, yet whenever there’s an extra 20 minutes I treat it like a gift. I gratefully accept it and I use it fully.
-Leslie Schuler Michel '03

Ursuline’s Campus

Since our move to Blue Ash in 1970, Ursuline’s campus has supported the Merici Model through its open design environment. Students move freely about the campus during their free time, and are then expected to respect the needs of those around them and manage their time independently. Additionally, Ursuline has nine open classrooms that are open to the hallway on one side. These classrooms facilitate the ability to lend greater focus, develop self-discipline, and positively adapt to surroundings.

Ursuline’s Culture

All aspects of the Ursuline community are based in the values and vision of St. Angela and cultivate the development of young women, especially the quest to find her voice. It is a supportive and nurturing environment where all students can thrive and are accepted and loved for who they are as individuals. The freedom to self-govern and the opportunity for self-discovery ensures that young women become independent, confident, and responsible.