Remembering Father Jack Wessling

November 23, 1931 - February 15, 2021

On Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2014, Twitter asked people to upload ‘selfies’ with the hashtag #Ashtag.  Father Jack got in on the fun!  I’m sure the girls at Ursuline talked him into it, but this is the best! Hope it brings a smile to your face. It sure did mine!

Lori Anne

Always a fan of UA sports, Fr. Jack (and my daughter, Meg Quinlan) cheering on the 2018 UAVB State Champions!

LeAnn Quinlan, Former Parent


Every year, I write Christmas cards to my friends and family. It’s a tradition that goes back to when I was around ten. My freshman year at UA, I wrote some to my new UA sisters and a couple to a few members of UA’s faculty. Two that I remember writing were to Sr. Mary Ann Jansen (aka SMAJ) and Fr. Jack.  I sent the letters and carried about my day. Weeks passed, and one day after school, I received a letter in the mail. Shocked, I opened it to find a beautifully written letter from Father Jack. I had never personally met him, but he wrote to me as if we were old friends. Throughout the rest of my time at Ursuline, we became closer through the exchanging of a few additional letters, along with participation in school masses. His smile, his laugh, and his love of life is something I will never forget.

Lauren Bricca ‘21


Attached is a picture with Father Jack from my wedding in 2016. In the picture are Wendy Stratman Miller, Dia Cindrich Hoffrage, Catherine Crotty Blyth, Renee Weickert O'Malley and Margy Porter de Movellan.

Sally Schultz ‘88

Here is a picture of Fr. Jack and I at one of his favorite breakfast spots. the Original Pancake House in Montgomery! I considered him a great friend and loved our discussions about philosophy, politics, movies, books, and logical fallacies. He was one of the finest human beings I’ve ever known! 

James McCarthy
Social Studies Faculty Member 2005-2015 and 2016-2019

Many of us in the Ursuline community have been touched by Father Jack’s kindness, his non-judgmental outlook, and his wisdom. I was fortunate to experience yet another side of his intellect when he and I were part of a Professional Learning Community during the 2017-2018 school year. Father Jack and I were the sole members of this group and met once a month to discuss Latin readings in scripture and philosophy. It became clear to me immediately that he was a talented Latinist whose knowledge of our topics was vast. With characteristic generosity Father Jack was willing to let his expertise become the focus of our discussions; I am certain that I learned far more from him than he did from me! This was a unique experience in my own intellectual growth, and I am grateful for the time we were able to spend together.”
-Mr. David Ligon
World Languages Faculty Member

Fr. Jack and I attended many Ursuline sporting events together. As everyone knows, he loved his UA Lions and tried to attend as many games as he could. A few years ago, some students had made “Fat Heads” for one of basketball games and one was of Fr. Jack. He enjoyed looking across the court and seeing the girls waving his image every time the Lions made a good play. At half time, some of the students came over to him and wanted pictures with him and his fathead. I just moved out of the way and let him be surrounded by his own fans -our UA students. It was a very special night for him and just reinforced to me how much he was loved by our community.”

Margo Nobis Flege ‘76
Modular Schedule Coordinator