Faculty & Staff Directory

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Dr. Aurelio Auseré

World Languages Faculty Member (Spanish)

Ms. Susan (Keller) Barhorst

Class of 1991
Science Faculty Member, PALS Moderator

Ms. Ashley Bieber

Math Faculty Member, Young Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists Moderator

Ms. Holly Bird

Class of 2007

Ms. Megan Bobinger

School Counselor

Dr. Patricia (Norton) Boehm

Class of 1994
Major Gifts Officer

Ms. Erin Bole

English Faculty Member

Ms. Jeanine Boutiere

Class of 2001
Fine Arts Faculty Member, Chomped Moderator (Cooking Club)

Ms. Tammy Bowman

Social Studies Faculty Member

Ms. Jenny (Grathwohl) Breissinger

Class of 1988
Math Faculty Member, National Honor Society Co-Moderator

Ms. Cindy Broderick

School Nurse

Ms. Michelle Byrd

School Counselor, Department Co-Coordinator

Ms. Jaime Carle

Class of 2000
Alumnae Relations Director

Ms. Jennifer Carpenter

Religious Studies Faculty Member, Theatre Director

Kait Connelly

Class of 1995