Parents' Association

The Mothers' and Dads' Clubs of Ursuline Academy provide ways for parents of Ursuline students to get involved with the school, other parents, and their daughters in fellowship, service and programming. They accomplish this by facilitating volunteer efforts of parents, sponsoring events, and raising funds for tuition assurance, technology, facility and faculty development. All programs and events are organized by members of their executive boards.

Helping more parents become more involved more of the timeUrsuline Academy Parents' Association

The Parent Associations presented Ursuline with a donation of $34,000 from their fundraising efforts during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Upcoming Parent Events

Ultimate Auction - Saturday, November 18

The event of the year! Learn more and purchase your tickets for this year's Ultimate Auction: 007 Live and Let Bid.

Father Daughter Dance - Friday, January 19

Get your dancing shoes ready!

Dads and daughters are invited to this annual Ursuline favorite. Invitations will be mailed.

Parents' Association Social - Thursday, February 1

Come and enjoy a fun evening with other UA parents! Details to come.

Chip Wheelie Day - Friday, February 2

Ursuline's Dads' Club hands out Greater's Chip Wheelie ice cream sandwiches to students and faculty for this beloved UA tradition.

Father Daughter Midnight Bowling - Saturday, February 24

Dads and daughters have a blast bowling all night long!

Mother Daughter Fashion Show - Sunday, April 22

Moms and daughters are invited for a fun afternoon of lunch and the latest fashions! Invitations will be mailed.

5k Run for the Lions - Sunday, April 29

Join us for the 10th annual 5k Run/Walk for the Lions! Enjoy a fun morning with the Ursuline community, followed by a delicious post-race breakfast. Details and registration coming soon.

See the full Parents' Association Calendar of Events

Amy Metzger

President, Mothers' Club Board

(513) 885-4027

Mike Whitehead

President, Dads' Club Board

(513) 630-8114

Marla Hricovsky

Parent Associations Moderator

(513) 791-5791 ext. 1218

Parents' Association Membership & Benefits

The Mothers' and Dads' Clubs at Ursuline Academy are closely linked and jointly provide ways for parents of Ursuline students to foster relationships with the school, with the parents of other students, and with their daughters. The Mothers’ and Dads’ Clubs work closely together to facilitate parent volunteers, to organize the parent bridge program, to provide educational programs, and to sponsor Father/Daughter and Mother/Daughter events.

The Mothers' and Dads' Clubs provide services to Ursuline which directly benefit your daughter.

Benefits of membership include:

  • The Father Daughter Dance
  • The Mother Daughter Luncheons
  • Chip Wheelie Day
  • Graduation yard signs and mugs
  • Freshmen Orientation picnic and bridge program
  • Student and parent informational programs, pecial presentations, and guest speakers
  • Tuition assurance for one year in the event of either parent’s death in a dual parent household or a single parent in a single parent household*
  • One copy of the Student and Parent Directory*
  • Ongoing support of scholarships at Ursuline
  • Funds for faculty development and training
  • Support of Campus Ministry and Community Service
  • The facilitation of parent volunteer opportunities

*These benefits are available only to those who have paid dues in support of the Parents’ Association.

Ursuline Academy encourages all parents to become a member of the Parent Association.

To join, please print and send in the Membership Form and Parents' Pledge along with your dues or respond and pay online.

Each year new we look for new board members. If interested in nominating someone or self-nominating, please send in the Application Form.

For additional information about the Parents' Association, please contact Marla Hricovsky, Parent Associations Moderator, 513-791-5794 or

2017-2018 Parents' Association Calendar of Events

Freshmen Registration / Freshmen Parent Picnic - August 17, 2017

Dads' Welcome Night - August 24, 2017

Parent Coffee / Study Skills Program - August 31, 2017

Moms' Welcome Night - August 31, 2017

Parent Night - September 14, 2017

Presentation by UC Law Professor - September 27, 2017

Dads' Day of Service - October 28, 2017

Open House - November 5, 2017

Ultimate Auction - November 18, 2017

Father / Daughter Dance - January 19, 2018

Parents' Association Social - February 1, 2018

Chip Wheelie Day - February 2, 2018

Incoming Freshman Parent Night - February 7, 2018

New Board Member Orientation - February 15, 2018

Father / Daughter Midnight Bowling - February 24, 2018

Cyber Safety Awareness Presentation for students - March 13, 2018

Parents' Association Program - April 18, 2018

Mother Daughter Fashion Show and Luncheon - April 22, 2018

5K Run/Walk for the Lions - April 29, 2018

Senior Mother Daughter Mass and Luncheon - May 25, 2018

Graduation - May 27, 2018

Download a printable copy of the Parents' Association 2017-2018 Calendar of Events

Mothers' Club Board

Senior Mothers

Bonnie Lang, Hospitality


Amy Metzger, President


Kate Molinsky, Publicity


Stacey Morton, Hospitality


Lynn Olmsted, Spirituality


Nancy Reilly, Recording Secretary


Karen Robinson, Treasurer


Junior Mothers

Michelle Brink


Suzanne Breckenridge


Tracey Ginnetti


Julie Schlinkert Hawkins '85, Treasurer Elect


Nicole Jackson


Suzanne Cahill McNabb '90


Nicki Liesch, Vice President


Kathy Dorger Schmitt '81


Robin Sheakley



Jenine Carroll


Patty Ellis


Amy Mehrle


Sophomore Mothers

Jaime Bitzenhofer


Karen Burke


Deborah Coviello


Kelly Iwanusa Farkas '88


Regan McGinn Van Kerckhove '91


MaryAnn Logsdon


Darla Wainscott


Dads' Club Board

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Senior Fathers

David Lotterer


John Myers


Neil O'Connor


Mike Polson, Secretary


Todd Sadler


Greg Smith


Mike Whitehead, President


Junior Fathers

Rob Bult


Mark RingswaldEgan


Mark Sivik, Vice President


Sophomore Fathers

Allan Burgei


Rob Adams


Denny Carroll


Pat Grimes


Bob Klare


Robert Ramsay


Pat Ward



Greg Hoernschemeyer, Treasurer


Paul Lipic


Jeff Johnson


Rick Vonder Brink


An invitation for freshman parents to apply for the Parents' Association Boards

Each January we accept applications from parents of the current freshman class. January 2018 is the only opportunity for the Class of 2021 parents to apply for a position on one of the Parent Associations' boards. Any mom or dad from the Class of 2021 is eligible to apply to the Boards of the Mothers' and Dads' Clubs, respectively. Board members are expected to make a three year commitment, including attending about six meetings per year, as well as leading and planning events. The two boards are affiliated and their work involves joint meetings and collaborative committee tasks, as well.

The Mothers' Club is comprised of up to eight mothers from each class. Sophomore mothers assist in the planning and committee work of several events, and make a commitment to plan and execute events as a junior mother. Senior mothers serve as officers and handle strategic planning issues for the organization.

The Dads' Club consists of six dads from each class. These members serve on various committees and help organize events with the largest being the Annual Father/Daughter Dance.

If you are a parent of a freshman daughter in the Class of 2021, you may apply to one of the boards by submitting the application form to Marla Hricovsky, in the Development Office.

Download the Application

We encourage you to carefully consider serving on one of the Boards. If you would like to learn more about the Mothers' or Dads' Clubs, please contact one of us.