Athletic Awards

2015 Spring Season


Lily Baldwin1st Team GGCL
Karly Krammes1st Team GGCL
Abby Morton1st Team GGCL
Haya Akbik2nd Team GGCL
Lena Brewer2nd Team GGCL
Jessica Lipic2nd Team GGCL



Olivia Amiott-Seel1st Team GGCL
Anna Hecht1st Team GGCL
Mailey Lorio2nd Team GGCL


Track and Field

Maddie Easton 1st Team GGCL
Anna Herriott 1st Team GGCL
Colleen Johnston 1st Team GGCL
Miranda Grigas 1st Team GGCL
Grace Kelly 1st Team GGCL
Rebecca Schulte1st Team GGCL
Christina Hallman1st TeamGGCL


2014-2015 Winter Season


Ali Schirmer1st Team GGCL
Maddie Stuhlreyer1st Team GGCL
Megan Ogilbee2nd Team GGCL



Emma DarlingtonHonorable Mention


Swimming and Diving

Sydney Lofquist1st Team GGCL & Swimming of the Year
Caroline Blood1st Team GGCL
Rollie Grinder1st Team GGCL
Julie Moran1st Team GGCL
Laura Morris2nd Team GGCL
Maggie Sattler2nd Team GGCL
Kate Scrimizzi2nd Team GGCL

2014 Fall Season

Cross Country

Jenna Murdock
1st Team GGCL
Claire Abel
2nd Team GGCL
Katie Harmeyer
2nd Team GGCL
Julia Herriott2nd Team GGCL
Kateri Budo
Honorable Mention
Nicolle Naylor
Honorable Men.


Field Hockey

Jillian Shive1st Team SWOFHL and Player of the Year
Ana Gonzalez Del Rey1st Team SWOFHL
Karly Krammes1st Team SWOFHL
Kelly Dorger2nd Team SWOFHL
Sarah Cowperthwait2nd Team SWOFHL
Lily Baldwin2nd Team SWOFHL
Jennifer StrietmannHonorable Mention
Sam WardHonorable Mention



Olivia McCloy
1st Team GGCL & Athlete of the Year
SArah Doyle
1st Team GGCL
Leyton Brumfield
2nd Team GGCL
Sanchi Gupta
2nd Team GGCL
Abigail Klare2nd Team GGCL
Rachelle Soh
Honorable Mention 



Holyn Alf
1st Team GGCL
Amanda Reed
1st Team GGCL
Annabelle Hopper
1st Team GGCL
Faith Beke
2nd Team GGCL
Sabrina Barber2nd Team GGCL
Kateri Schoettinger
2nd Team GGCL
 Molly Shannon
2nd Team GGCL



Gabrielle O'ConnorGGCL 1st Team Singles
Jenny Duma
GGCL 1st Team Singles
Ellie Foster
GGCL 1st Team Singles
Kiran Desai
GGCL 1st Team Doubles
Gracie Estes
GGCL 1st Team Doubles
Lizzie Crafton
GGCL 2nd Team Doubles
Carolyn Haney
GGCL 2nd Team Doubles



Kelly Cameron
1st Team GGCL
Avery Naylor1st team GGCL
Claire Tulisiak
2nd Team GGCL
Maggie EdmondsonHonorable Mention
Ali Thompson
Honorable Mention
Alyssa StellerHonorable Mention


Event Results

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