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"Helping more parents become more involved more of the time"

An Invitation for Freshmen Parents to Apply for the Parents' Association Boards!

The Mothers' and Dads' Clubs of Ursuline Academy provide ways for parents of Ursuline students to get involved with the school, other parents, and their daughters in fellowship, service and programming. They accomplish this by facilitating volunteer efforts of parents, sponsoring events, and raising funds for tuition assurance, technology, facility and faculty development. All programs and events are organized by members of their executive boards. Each January we accept applications from parents of the current freshman class. January 2016 is the only opportunity for the Class of 2019 parents to apply for a position on one of the Parent Associations' boards. Any mom or dad from the Class of 2019 is eligible to apply to the Boards of the Mothers' and Dads' Clubs, respectively. Board members are expected to make a three year commitment, including attending about six meetings per year, as well as leading and planning events. The two boards are affiliated and their work involves joint meetings and collaborative committee tasks, as well.

The Mothers' Club is comprised of up to eight mothers from each class. Sophomore mothers assist in the planning and committee work of several events, and make a commitment to plan and execute events as a junior mother. Senior mothers serve as officers and handle strategic planning issues for the organization.

The Dads' Club consists of six dads from each class. These members serve on various committees and help organize events with the largest being the Annual Father/Daughter Dance.

If you are a parent of a freshman daughter in the Class of 2019, you may apply to one of the boards by submitting the application form to Marla Hricovsky, in the Development Office, by Monday, December 14, 2015. You will be notified by email when your application is received. All applicants will be notified of the decision by Monday, January 11, 2016.

We encourage you to carefully consider serving on one of the Boards. If you would like to learn more about the Mothers' or Dads' Clubs, please contact one of us.

Tracy Cassinelli
President, Mothers' Club Board
Paul Lipic                     
President, Dads' Club Board
 Marla Hricovsky 
Parents' Associations Moderator

Statement of Purpose & Corresponding Events/Activities

The Parents' Association of Ursuline Academy (the Mothers' and Dads' clubs) are closely linked and jointly provide ways for parents of Ursuline students to foster relationships:

With the school,
Freshmen Parents Picnic
Parents Coffee/Study Skills Forum
Annual Giving Fund Assistance
Tuition Assurance in event of Death
Faculty Luncheons
Parent Bridge Program

5K Run
Faculty Training Financial Support
Technology Enhancement Financial Support

With the parents of other students,
Parent Directory
Freshmen Parents Picnic
Freshmen Parents Coffee/Study Skills Forum
Family and Lenten Mass
Etiquette Advantage
Parent Bridge Program
Father Daughter Dance
Graduation Dress Sale

Mother Daughter Luncheon and Fashion Show

With their daughters.
Family Mass
Survive Safety Seminar
Father Daughter Dance
Ice Cream Day

Midnight Bowling
It's Your Money, Honey
Mother Daughter Luncheon and Fashion Show
Senior Mother Daughter Mass and Luncheon

Graduation Reception

The Parents' Association do this in three ways:

  • they facilitate general volunteer efforts of parents in both service to the mission of the school and fundraising for the financial support of the school,
  • offer parent-to-parent communication,
  • sponsor special events.
The Parents' Association work closely together in areas of communication, publicity, spirituality, and parent support. They work separately on some special events and in matters of finances and insurance.


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