Student Publications

Ursuline provides its young, rising writers, photographers, and artists with a number of outlets for their  creative writing, design, and editing skills. Many budding writers, photographers, and designers serve on the staff of one or more of the following student publications.

  • PawPrints. PawPrints is the annual school yearbook. This publication is part of a Journalism course that meets 4 mods per cycle throughout the school year. Students finish the publication around the middle of June, enabling the student body to receive its yearbooks at the start of each school year. Many students who excel in writing, photography, and graphic design serve on the yearbook for three years. The course is open for grades 10-12, but all students must submit an application.

  • Lion's Roar. Lions Roar is Ursuline's school newspaper, and the staff meets after school.

  • Chalkdust. Chalkdust is Ursuline's literary student publication. Chalkdust is a club that meets after school.


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