Religious Studies

The Religious Studies department seeks to participate in the mission of the Church to transmit the person and message of Jesus Christ. The classes reflect the faith, traditions, and the morality of Roman Catholicism and are structured to aid the students to grow spiritually. The religious studies program is designed to instruct students about the Christian faith from a Catholic perspective and is inclusive of students who are affiliated with different religious traditions or who do not have a religious tradition. The curriculum is also designed to invite spiritual growth and response in the student, both in the present and as future adults, to God who speaks to them in Scripture, in the Church, in the world today, and in each other.

Ursuline offers the following Religious Studies courses:

    • Christian Awareness
    • The Hebrew & Christian Scriptures
    • Christian Morality
    • Church Issues
    • Introduction to Philosophy & Philosophy II
    • Faithful Service Learning
    • World Religions
    • Death & Christian Hope
    • Evil in the Human Heart
    • Prayer & Spirituality
    • Theology of the Human Person
    • Religion through Art
    • The Mystics

Religious Studies Faculty

Ms. Margaret Turner, Department Coordinator

B.A., College of Mt. St. Joseph

At Ursuline since 1991

Ms. Kim Douthit

B.S., Xavier University

M.Ed., University of Cincinnati

Post-graduate work at Xavier University

At Ursuline since 2000

Ms. Ruthie Hurley

B.A., Xavier University

At Ursuline since 2006

Ms. Brenda Kristof

B.A., John Carroll University

At Ursuline since 1994

Sr. Lucy Schmid, O.S.U.

B.A., Xavier University

Graduate work at University of Dayton & Xavier University (ABT)

At Ursuline since 1991

Ms. Mary Beth Weller

B. A., University of Cincinnati

M.A., Xavier University

At Ursuline since 2006

Fr. Jack Wessling

B.A., Athenaeum of Ohio

M.A., Athenaeum of Ohio

S.T.D., University of Frebourg, Switzerland

At Ursuline since 1977